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Gdańsk + Solidarity lesson | MyTourInGdansk - Gdansk tourist guide

Gdańsk + Solidarity lesson

Gdańsk + Solidarity lesson – duration 3 h

  • The most important Gdańsk’s monuments
  • Solidarity Square + Monument o Fallen Shipyard Workers in 1970
  • Polish Road to Freedom

This 3-hour tour includes visiting the most important monuments of Gdańsk with a visit to the Solidarity Square. First, we get to know Gdańsk in a nutshell. We visit the most popular streets of Gdańsk such as the Long Market Street (Długi Targ), Long Street (Długa), St. Mary’s Street or Motława River Embankment (Długie Pobrzeże) and we admire the architecture and sights that every visitor should see during their stay in the city of Neptune. Then, we take a stroll to the Solidarity Square to discover the recent Polish history and the events that changed the face of Poland and Europe. We will see the Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970, the historic Gate No. 2 and the whole surrounding of this unique place.
Additionally, there is a possibility to take a 4-hour tour of the Main Town of Gdansk with a visit to the Solidarity Square and the European Solidarity Centre.