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Gdańsk 1939

Gdańsk 1939 – duration – 2,5

  • Gdańsk during Second World War
  • Westerlatte – begining of the Second World War
  • Polish Post Oficce in Free City Gdańsk

Among the important events that took place in Gdańsk, you must not forget the outbreak of war and strikes of the 1980. This tour focuses on the former event. Our journey through time starts with a car/bus ride to Westerplatte – Polish Military Transit Depot, which has become a symbol of the outbreak of World War II, due to the heroic defense of the place by Polish soldiers. We will take a stroll through the area of Westerplatte including the cemetery, barracks or the Monument to the Defenders of the Coast: all sprinkled with tales about these 7 unusual days in our history. Then, we go to the building of the Polish Post in the Free City of Danzig (Gdańsk) and take a look at the outbreak of World War II from the perspective of the defenders of the Post. We’ll see the monument dedicated to the defenders of the Post and a courtyard with a touching photo of postmen, which was taken after they had surrender.