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Amber Gdańsk

Amber Gdańsk – duration: ca. 3 h

  • Visit in amber workshops
  • Lesson – „ How become an amber expert?
  • Amber Muzeum
  • Amber alter in St. Brigite Church
  • Interesting facts and everything you don’t know about amber

This tour includes visiting Gdańsk and discovering the history of amber. While walking in the streets on Gdańsk you have the opportunity to learn about the ‘gold of Gdańsk’, admire the artwork of Gdańsk amber jewelers and become an expert at distinguishing genuine amber in one of the workshops. In addition, you will visit one of the newest places in Gdańsk – Amber Museum. It is a modern and very interesting museum located in the former Gdańsk prison. It presents the origins of amber, its properties, acquisition and processing throughout history – from ancient times to the present day. Last but not least, you visit the Church of St. Bridget. The church and the parish were associated with an independent workers’ movement due to their proximity to the Gdańsk Shipyard. However it’s an architectural jewel and you will have a chance to admire the altar with beautiful amber elements, which after its completion, may outclass the famous Amber Room.